Self Love Initiatives

Tri Delta has created several initiatives that encourage the prioritization of mental health, as well as combating the body image issues that plague young women in everyday life. 


Across the nation, Tri Delta’s BodyImage3D program has promoted healthy self-perception and body positivity. The program opens up a dialogue about topics that feel uncomfortable to discuss, like depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and other mental health related topics. The workshop includes activities that focus on fostering a positive self-image, as well as steps that can be taken to create tangible change. Above all else, BodyImage3D reminds our sisters that they are beautiful in their own skin, just the way they are!


Tri Delta’s Behind Happy Faces initiative makes moves to tackle topics like mental depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and other mental health issues that impact college students on a day-to-day basis. The initiative reframes the conversation around mental illness, and encourages the idea that mental health should be de-stigmatized and taken care of just as well as physical health.  


Unique to our chapter here at Pepperdine University, Tri Love Week takes place during the week of Valentine’s Day each year. Tri Love Week is meant to open up conversations about body positivity and self-love, as well as encourage members of the Pepperdine community to recognize their self-worth through fun activities. This week of spreading awareness demonstrates Tri Delta’s commitment to steadfastly loving one another through providing resources and a space to talk about hard-hitting subjects, like mental health and body positivity.