Letter From the President

Welcome to the Gamma Rho Chapter of Tri Delta at Pepperdine University!

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and learn more about our chapter and sisterhood! My name is Madison Smith, and I proudly serve as the Collegiate Chapter President.

I can say with full confidence that joining the Gamma Rho chapter at Pepperdine is one of the best decisions I have made at college thus far. I not only have a group of women that are my sisters, but also my mentors, friends, and role models. The women in this chapter inspire me to be the best person I can be and my college experience would not be the same without them.

Our chapter is a celebration of women from different backgrounds and with different experiences, yet we all share a bond that is centered on our ideals of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. These brave, bold, and kind women are uniquely gifted and care about getting to know each member intimately and sincerely in order to support their values, aspirations, and goals. Being a member in this sorority doesn’t require a specific set of characteristics, but rather we celebrate and appreciate the individuality of every member. The strength in our sisterhood serves as encouragement to be better students, better leaders, and better friends to ourselves and others.

I could not be more excited for this upcoming year and cannot wait to see the impact our members have on each other, our Greek community, Pepperdine University, and beyond.


Madison Smith