Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Members,

I am so glad you are here to learn more about the Gamma Rho chapter of Tri Delta at Pepperdine — we are so excited to have you! As the Vice President of Membership Experience, my job is to ensure the best possible recruitment experience for you in finding your home. Myself, my recruitment team, and our entire chapter of members have been hard at work preparing to bring you our best — and we cannot wait to meet you!


During my own recruitment process, one thing that really drew me to Tri Delta and my future sisters was its founding mission. In 1888, our founders saw a need at their own university for a women’s organization that valued a woman’s strong character over their physical appearance or material possessions, being kind alike to all. They founded Tri Delta on the values of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship, something that our chapter members strive to embody every day.


Tri Delta is filled with incredible, empowered individuals that have inspired me since I joined in Fall 2019. In Tri Delta, I have had the honor of calling such amazing young women my sisters — from some of Pepperdine’s best student-athletes to Dean’s list scholars, to future lawyers, teachers, therapists, doctors, and many more. Not only this, but all of our chapter members have been the most loyal, dedicated, and fun friends I have ever had. They are my roommates, my shoulders to lean on, surfing buddies, library companions, and partners in many a long car ride down PCH.


Though I know everyone in our chapter has found life-long friendships, Tri Delta is committed to more than just our sisterhood. Our diversity initiatives through our chapter’s DEI Committee and our national LEADDD Now Commitment have grown our chapter in our understanding of social issues and our member’s engagement with causes they care about. Through our annual Tri Love Week event, our chapter hosts activities to engage our campus in learning about a variety of mental-health-related topics — from healthy relationships to creating meaningful friendships, to learning how to de-stress as a college student. And, of course, our commitment to childhood cancer research through our support of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of LA are both near and dear to our hearts. In fact, our national Tri Delta chapter recently reached our goal of earning $60 million for St. Jude’s TWO years early.


Recruitment can be an incredibly rewarding, but incredibly stressful experience. As a freshman, I was definitely overwhelmed by all the new lingo I was learning, all the new people I was meeting, and the decisions I was making. As a now-senior playing a bigger role in recruitment, I can say with confidence that being yourself and keeping an open mind are the two most important factors in a rewarding recruitment experience. We are so excited to meet you and to learn about all the unique things that make you, you!


If you have any further questions about the recruitment process or about Tri Delta Pepperdine, feel free to send me an email. I look forward to meeting you in the Fall!!


Delta Love and All of Mine,

Abby <3

Contact: vpme@trideltapepperdine.com.