Tri Delta

Gamma Rho Chapter at Pepperdine University

Chapter Officers

Makay Manis

Collegiate Chapter President

Year: Senior Hometown: Breckenridge, CO Fun Facts: Previous boutique owner, forever book lover. Strongly believes that fresh flowers, a good playlist and the right hat/ lipstick combo can make any day a lovely one.

Gabrielle Pfund

Vice President Administration

Year: Senior Hometown: Frankston, TX Fun Facts: Loves dark chocolate and sparkling water. (Used to) be able to name 150 different types of dogs.

Hannah Covany

Vice President Membership

Year: Senior Hometown: Malibu, CA Fun Facts: Dual citizen of Serbia and the USA, owned two horses growing up.

Caroline Laganas

Vice President Chapter Development

Year: Senior Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO Fun Facts: Aficionado of gelato, long naps and spontaneous adventure.

Mason Folse

Vice President Public Relations

Year: Senior Hometown: Bloomington, IL Fun Facts: Passionate napper, has a cat with his own Instagram, closet artist and piano player.

Abby George

Academic Development Chairman

Year: Senior Hometown: Wheaton, IL Fun Facts: Advocate of making lists and color coding, friend of peanut butter, postcard collector and Harry Potter Potterhead.

Lauren Hail

New Member Educator

Year: Senior Hometown: San Francisco, CA Fun Facts: Lover of pigs, traveling and children (order unknown).

Ilyn Brown

Sponsor Chairman

Year: Senior Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC Fun Facts: Enjoys consuming obnoxious amounts of coffee and indulging in anything that seems fun, exciting and unmissable.

Georgia Lydon

Reference Chairman

Year: Senior Hometown: Columbia, SC Fun Facts: Can solve a Rubik's cube in 1.5 minutes. Currently reading books in Spanish. On a desert island you would find her with her Bible, a golden retriever and infinite coffee.

Anna Walker

Assistant Vice President Membership

Year: Senior Hometown: Happy Valley, OR Fun Facts: Fan of college football, tiramisu and good conversation. Will never turn down chocolate truffles or watching the sunset.

Hannah Coughlin

Assistant New Member Educator

Year: Junior Hometown: Annapolis, MD Fun Facts: Poetry buff and art gallery attendee who enjoys thrifting and hunting for a good vinyl. Dreams of living in a tiny house where it's autumn all year round.

Alexa Birt

Music Chairman

Year: Sophomore Hometown: Kansas City, MO (and proud of it!) Fun Facts: Lovers her dog more than he loves her. Obsessed with fruit and dumb TV shows on Netflix.

Carly Lichty

Member Development Chairman

Year: Senior Hometown: Arvada, CO Fun Facts: Clothing style has been described as endearingly homeless, cries tears of joys at the sight of whales. Avid fan of talking to strangers.

Keeley Redden

Continuing Education Chairman

Year: Senior Hometown: Chanhassen, MN Fun Facts: Real life Chandler from Friends. Her one (and only) weakness is M&Ms on her popcorn.

Emma Stenz

Body Image Coordinator

Year: Junior Hometown: Dixon, CA Fun Facts: Hufflepuff, has played piano for 15 years, drinks 4 cups of coffee daily.

Jordan Powell


Year: Senior Hometown: Bellville, TX Fun Facts: Has the World's Greatest Laugh (awarded 1996-2017). Adrenaline junkie, enjoys Nutella and strawberries.

Pearce Quesenberry

Licensing Chairman

Year: Junior Hometown: Wilmington, DE Fun Facts: Cancer survivor, fan of donuts, proud puppy mom.

Arianna Porrini

Activities Chairman

Year: Junior Hometown: Bristol, CT Fun Facts: Loves to love people, eat cheese and workout.

Kameron Johnston

Risk Management Chairman

Year: Senior Hometown: Amarillo, TX Fun Facts: Loves sending cute cards to friends and family. Book lover, cupcake lover and coffee addict.

Chloe Howard

Chapter Correspondant

Year: Senior Hometown: Canyon Lake, CA Fun Facts: Has a strange obsession with alpacas. Competed in gymnastics on horseback as a child and loves the beach.

Julia Sneden

Social Chairman

Year: Junior Hometown: Charlotte, NC Fun Facts: Pepperdine Swimmer, lover of tacos, sunrises and road trips.

Marissa Davis

Service Leadership Chairman

Year: Junior Hometown: Westlake Village, CA Fun Facts: Beach rat, adventurous foodie and dancer.

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