Chapter Leadership

Sophia Sullivan

Collegiate Chapter President

Hometown: Calabasas, CA Major: Psychology with a minor in English

Mackensie Hastings

Vice President of Operations

Hometown: Moraga, CA Major: Economics

Priscilla Gonzalez

Director of Administration

Hometown: Corona, CA Major: Double Major in Political Science and Hispanic Studies

Kaitlin Gartrell

Director of Financial Operations

Hometown: Canby, OR Major: Biology

Vanessa Zubas

Director of Member Finances

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA Major:

Abby Morrow

Vice President of Member Experience

Hometown: Mill Creek, WA Major: Psychology Minors: Communications & Film Studies

Mia Boyd

Director of Member Selection

Hometown: Leander, TX Major: Political Science

Arianna Schott

Director of Recruitment Events

Hometown: Azusa, CA Major: Double Major in Business Administration and Sociology

Lauren Chivers

Director of First Year Experience

Hometown: San Jose, CA Major: Double Major in Philosophy and Sustainability

Angelee Valdez

Director of Lifetime Membership

Hometown: Burbank, CA Major:

Amelia Gish

Vice President of Community Relations

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO Major: Psychology

Cassie Hewett

Director of Social Events

Hometown: Hayward, CA Major: Biology with a minor in Women's Studies

Natalie Gordon

Director of Philanthropy

Hometown: Littleton, CO Major:

Marley Penagos

Director of Public Relations

Hometown: Murrieta, CA Major: Journalism

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Vice President of Chapter Programming and Development

Hometown: Heath, TX Major: Public Relations

Jess Kovie

Director of Risk Management & Wellness

Hometown: Orlando, FL Major: English

Amanda Kiang

Director of Academic Excellence

Hometown: Union City, California Major: Nutritional Science

Madison Smith

Director of Ceremonies and Rituals

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas Major: Computer Science and Math with a minor in Multimedia Design