Chapter History

Twenty-four years ago our chapter was installed into one of the largest women's organizations in the world: Tri Delta. Since then, our sisterhood has grown into a place where one can learn, love, and experience life alongside a worldwide network of intelligent and beautiful women. Tri Delta is somewhere to share and grow with lifelong sisters; Tri Delta is a place to call home.

Our Gamma Rho chapter includes a diverse group of young women with a multitude of personalities, ambitions, and passions, but together we build a perpetual bond of friendship and sisterhood through steadfastly loving one another. Our place in Tri Delta is much more than a sisterhood; it is the foundation that always brings us back home. 

So we, the members of the Gamma Rho chapter of Delta Delta Delta, welcome you to our home and invite you to get to know why we are so proud to be a part of the incredible organization we call Tri Delta.

Delta Love and All of Ours,
Gamma Rho, Pepperdine University


brave, bold, kind